keskiviikko 17. marraskuuta 2010

Wednesday the mid-week

Uni continues normally this week which means that I live for the weekends again. The weather on Monday was cold, but sunny which was lovely! I really don't mind cold mornings or cold weather in general as long as it is sunny. It gives you a chance to wrap up and an additional guilty-free hot chocolate :)


Ok about hot chocolate. I kind of want mine plain. People quite often love to stuff their mugs with all sorts of toppings, but I simply prefer having mine without that entire extravaganza. I blame my simplistic Nordic mindset. And this is true in many cases. I do tend to like simplistic and minimalistic things. However, then the other side of me, the other Pisces, is very Slavic and loves all that shines and the more over the top something is the better. But then, I might have or wear something that is very bold and noticeable, but I hardly ever mix it with another attention drawer. 

Yesterday, we had our third Chinese assessment. It was a computer test and I think it went ok. I'm happy if I get a 60. This time, I managed to do it all! 

Today we got our International Business mid-term exams back. The first one came back as a First, which means that I got the best possible mark. HAPPY! The other exam did not have a mark on it and it was very confusing anyway so I'm going to see the lecturer next week and ask him to clarify where I went wrong and what were the good points.

This weekend is going to be International Business Theory weekend, which means that I will dedicate most of my weekend only for that subject. I will do some Chinese and other subjects as well, but the emphasis will be on IBT. We have another mid-term exam coming up next Tuesday, so really need to make sure I get everything sorted out before that. Wish me luck :)

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