maanantai 30. tammikuuta 2012

sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

After having a good night sleep in my little, yet very comfortable, South Kensington bed, I feel completely refreshed. I have a strong feel that moving to London was the right decision and I'm super excited about being here. I will be staying in a hotel for the first six days before we can move into our new flat. I think my hotel was a true find as especially the slightly cheaper non-chain hotels can be quite of a hit and miss in this city. I've been staying in some horrendous hostels in the past and even the thought of going there again makes my skin  crawl. One of the most disturbing ones was in fact in London. It was three years back when Laura paid a visit to see me in England and we decided to spend the last weekend in London before she flew back home. We had booked this 3* hostel through a website and once we got there we weren't sure whether to cry or laugh. I think we did a bit of both in the end ;) Experiences like those really make me appreciate where I'm staying now. Hah, also the good thing with Laura is that she is the worst (or best if you ask me!) hotel snob in the word as she works in the travel&leisure industry. This naturally means that when she books a hotel you just know you won't be disappointed. She is really good at finding a decent price yet modern and good quality hotel super fast. I guess professionals like she is recognize the goods from the bads pretty quickly.


Today's plan is to go for a long Sunday stroll around Kensington. I've never been to Kensington Gardens, so that is probably where I'm going to head first.

Also, did I tell you my phone died on the Friday 13th? Very convenient day for it to happen, I thought. I'm not too unhappy about the fact it happened and that I need to get a new phone. The touch screen stopped working completely which means that I can't answer/make phone calls, use the phone menu (in other words use ANY of the applications or phone functions) or read texts. Brilliant! The phone is two years old and fixing it would cost more than buying a new one. Now, people who read this blog regularly probably remember a distant post I wrote a few months back about my next choice of phone. Yes it will be a black coloured BlackBerry. I know BBs often divide people into two groups; the ones liking them and the ones preferring something else. As I have had a fixation towards BlackBerries for a good ten years or so, I think now is a perfect opportunity to get rid of this silly fixation and finally get one. So going to see what kinds of a phone deals my UK phone operator has to offer at the moment too.

However, before that I have recharge my camera's battery.

keskiviikko 25. tammikuuta 2012

Voisin tehdä postauksen suomeksi pitkästä aikaa. Eli nyt ollaan siis aika lailla lähtöfiiliksissä. Minulla on siis muutto Lontooseen edessä lauantaina 8kk Helsingissä vietetyn ajan jälkeen. Helsinki oli ihan mahtava niin kauan kuin sitä kesti. I might be biased, mutta mä olen silti sitä mieltä että Helsinki on ysinkertaisesti maailman kaunein ja paras kesäkaupunki. Siinä on vain jotain käsin kosketeltavan mahtavaa fiilistä kun kävelee Kaivarissa ja nauttii auringosta, kesästä, veden äänestä, jäätelöstä, lokkien kirkumisesta ja just ajetun nurmikon tuoksusta. Ah. Se täytyy kokea ja jos sitä ei ole koskaan kokenut niin siihen on hyvä pistää projekti pystyyn ensi kesälle :)

Mä tein ensimmäiset koepakkaukset tänään ja yritän olla todella sensible -and so far it is looking rather promising. Mulle tulee kaksi laukkua mukaan; isompaan (arkkuun) tulee vaatteet ja käyttötavarat ja pienempää Niken sport bagiin tulee kengät ja muut "tuiki tärkeät" essentialit. Ensimmäiset kuusi yötä majoitun hotellissa ja sitten päästäänkin muuttamaan iki-ihanien Mattin ja Kenin kanssa omaan asuntoon. Location on great ja asunto enemmänkin on the practical side kun wow side of things, mutta se ei haittaa. Jostain täytyy aloittaa ja ympäristö on kyllä mitä mahtavin. Tämän vuoksi odotan kovasti ensi viikkoa :)

lauantai 21. tammikuuta 2012

One of my dearest friend and her lovely other half got engaged in their Dubai holiday a week ago. Appropriate celebrations took place yesterday. <3

perjantai 20. tammikuuta 2012

It is a continuous learning curve

They say that a good way to learn a language is to learn three new words a day. Sounds great in theory, but that would never work for me. This is simply because the phase would be too slow. I'd get totally bored in less than a month's time. It would take learners years to achieve a good level of language with that phase. Here, in my opinion, less is not more :) In general, I'm the kind of a person who likes challenges and in certain areas of life, I love it when I can move on rapidly and make quick decisions. I wouldn't classify myself as an adrenaline junkie, but you could say that I'm an impulsive person who lives in a moment. At the same time, living in a moment is something that I have learnt to do. I definitely wasn't born with that skill (I wish I would have though). As I have mentioned in my previous posts, living in this moment is a great skill to have because it tends to make people (at least it makes me) much happier. This is because living here and now forces you to concentrate on what's truly important in life at this very moment. As long as you respect others and you don't deliberately harm anyone with your actions, you should be able to live your life pretty nicely. On the other hand, it is also good to acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. And as a proof of this, the more patient me lists today's three new words; behemoth, exuberant, pomp ;)

National Geography -Visions

keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2012

I feel like talking more. My mind seems to be like a Pandora's Box at the moment: let it all out.

Yes, after having such a successful day today, I must say that I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow too. This is because I'm trying out new core aerobics class in the morning at 7am! Yeah..that is silly early. However, I haven't have time to do anything (exercise-wise) for a week so it is about the time to hit the gym again. Also, as there is no reason for any stupid excuses, I'm in fact more than happy to have my 7am morning session tomorrow. Then I'm going to have a breakfast meeting with my ex boss. I'm brining the croissants and fruits, she promised to provide the rest. Great. 

In the afternoon, I'm meeting my friend for clothes shopping. Get this, I can choose one all-inclusive outfit for someone. Amazing. In a way I'm flattered for being asked to do so, as some people can be quite sensitive with their own style and clothes they wear -especially when it is someone else suggesting what the person should wear instead of what they themselves consider the best look. Hence, I would never say 'You should wear this instead of that you normally wear', no. I'm more of those people who give ideas and (honest) opinions on what something looks on someone and I'd see myself saying 'That looks good, however, have you ever considered mixing it with this'. If not then that's fine. Also, I would never suggest an item that is too far fetch from what the person wears normally as the item(s) can easily be(come) too different and the person simply never starts wearing them. New clothes hanging in the wardrobe (with tags on) is an alien concept to me and in my mind that's money wasted.

Tomorrow evening I'm also picking up my new glasses. Well, what I mean here by 'picking them up' is not really picking them up in the true sense of the word. I'm having an optician appointment first and afterwards a session with a style consultant who is going to help me to choose the right pair of glasses. As apparently it is always better to have someone else to do it for you ;) I might no agree completely on this, but I like to keep my options open and welcome new suggestions. And yes I think this, if something, is exactly the right way to  provide a wider range of services for new and returning customers and ultimately differentiate yourself from your competitors. I'm obviously looking forward to it all, especially as this is the first ever session with an Eyewear Style Consultant :) That would look pretty amazing on your business card "Henna-Emilia T. Eyewear Style Consultat". You just got to love the independent and private entrepreneurs. 

Time for a quick update perhaps? Certainly.

I have been doing a million and one things today.

Worked in the morning, drove mum to the doctor's, tried to find the perfect 'thank you' card whilst mum was seeing her GP, drove mum to two different pharmacies, hunt down the perfect farewell gift (and thankfully found one in the end!), cleaned my desk at work, said goodbyes to everyone (and tried to hold my tears back - without succeeding in it very well).

Later, I had a heavenly pedicure and enjoyed a really good cup of green tea with some home-made biscuits whilst the pedicure lady was doing her magic. The only comment she said during the one hour session was: 'What a wonderful pair of feet, especially these toes'. That made me laugh so hard that tears came into my eyes again. I think that was the strangest, yet the best compliment I've ever been given :D

Before taking the bus home, I nipped into S-market. I bought a massive bag of sweets, which I had craved for ages. I guess it is pretty needless to say that now, I feeling pretty sick as there is only a handful of sweets left at the bottom of the bag. Well done me. At home I made some oven backed sweet potatoes, carrots and salmon. This strange dish was a combination of left overs and yeah it turned out awfully :D I tell you, it was not edible in any form or shape. I only ate the salmon and sweet potatoes. Oh well..

Then had two long conversations on the phone that both made me glad. People, it is so important to appreciate what you have.

torstai 12. tammikuuta 2012

3 piece of news

1.The price of orange juice hit a 34-year high on Tuesday. The price of frozen concentrated orange juice has risen 25 per cent since the beginning of January which, according to market researchers, could lead to a rise in the orange juice retail prices. Hmm, even though I don't dislike apple juice, I prefer apple juice. Disastrous news for mum though. She is often like possessed near the juice shelves. Seriously, every time I'm doing a food shop with her she tells me (and the rest of the shoppers) very loud and clear to grab NOTHING else than a Tropicana cartoon. I think PepsiCo must have added hell of a lot addictive ingredients into the concentrate. Hah, well that would explain my liking to Mimosas :D 
2.India’s cabinet has agreed to open its retail sector for foreign ownership of single brand stores. As no Indian jv-partners are needed for entering the retail markets anymore, the decision-makers at Ikea and Addidas (for instance) must be rubbing their hands together. On the other hand, multibrand stores such as Tesco and Wallmart have to continue staying patient as their entry still requires a joint venture with an Indian partner. The Congress Government decision is not only aimed at perking up the economy but also to help domestic producers. Foreign companies are ordered to outsource 30 per cent of their production to small local producers and companies.  At the same time, not everyone is keen to take a risk;  M&S has for instance reported having no desire to stop working with its ts current India partner. Even though I found this bit interesting, a cold sweat was about to rose on my temples as I started to recall all those freaking profit margins, economies of scale and scope, and those awful production/cost/pricing decisions we had to do/calculate/figure out in seminars and group challenges last year.  Good God I'm glad I have graduated :D
3.It is not going well for Tiffany & Co. The fine jewelry brand’s sales growths have fallen in Asia, Europe and the US. The global financial crisis seems to have finally hit the rich consumers too as Tiffany's shares fell 11 per cent to $59.46 in early trade. Interestingly, the luxury brands have remained as the most resilient forces in retail, but as Tiffany’s rates suggest, there might be a change approaching soon. Also, not surprisingly at all Tiffany’s weakest market was Europe with 4 per cent fall from previous year, even though Tiffany reported a worldide 7 per cent rise in net sales. I would help Tiffany rise its European sales, if I would not be on a spending detox. Sorry Tiffy.

Coffee and news were offered by FT Bloomberg and my coffee maker.

keskiviikko 11. tammikuuta 2012


I woke up at 5.30am this morning and since I didn't fall asleep again after lying in bed trying to fall asleep for quite a while, I gave up and just got up. It is still dark outside so I thought to make the morning a little bit special. I lit candles. I have candles in every room to make it all look pretty. Bathroom has one scent candle on the top of the sink. In the living room I have six little tealights in little Heikki Orvola's designed Kivilyhty tealight holders on the windowsill. In the kitchen, I put four tealights inside two clear and two apple green Aino Aalto drinking glasses and lifted them on another windowsill, as well as lit one big white ball shaped candle, which I got as a present from Neea, in the middle of the kitchen table. Bedroom has one vanilla scent candle. Also, there are two big lantern candles on the hall's floor surface to bring more soft light into the flat. Aww, I think it looks lovely in here.


Hope you have a happy Wednesday <3

perjantai 6. tammikuuta 2012


I have always had a bit of love hate relationship with loafers. I love classic, simple, slightly nerdy loafers (especially sailor and suede ones), but tend  to overlook leather loafers with tassels, sparkles and other bits and bobs. I know loafers have been a big thing for quite a while now, but still somehow, I cannot imagine myself slipping into a certain type of pair. However, now I'm determinate to overcome my loafer ignorance and I'm going to prove myself wrong here. I'm going to add a list of hate loafers that still have something visually interesting in them and when the right opportunity comes about I will own a pair. So here we go.

Ok the next four lines down are cheating. I loooove these TH Gamba loafers in every single colour they come in. Absolutely beautiful!

torstai 5. tammikuuta 2012

New Year's resolution 2012 - Buying Detox

Here is my New Year's resolution 2012 until the end of February. 

Detox your wardrobe:

*Don't buy new clothes
*Don't change clothes with friends
*Don't accept new/used clothes from anyone
*Get by with what you have in your wardrobe

In a way I feel it is absolute madness to agree with doing something so mindlessly stupid at this particular time of the year. Seriously. All the best after Christmas sales are on and with a bit of planning you could actually do some wise investment buys. Oh no. Now it is time to return all your after Christmas sales clothes back to shops, which I fyi did a few days ago, and basically cope with what you already have. And if you take a look at my wardrobe, this really shouldn't be a mission impossible at all. 

Also, as I'm moving to London within a month's time I think this Buying Detox NY resolution is something that will definitely help me to sort out my clothes and decide what to take with and what to leave behind. And people, it is only 48kg you are allowed to carry with you. And now all you guys reading this you can stop rolling your eyes. 48kg should not set you back that much nor blow your mind ;) Yes, try to move houses with a female and soon you will start seeing 48kg in a very different light. You probably start hoping that it would really only be 48kg your lady friend has to ask you to carry for her instead of 84kg worth of essentials :D I'm just saying...

maanantai 2. tammikuuta 2012