lauantai 16. heinäkuuta 2011

I love weekend mornings. I always have. So far my Saturday morning has been fantastic, even though I have been awake for an hour or so. Maybe that's why ;)

I woke up at 6.30am at first, but since today and tomorrow I can officially sleep longer than during the week, I went back to sleep. I have noticed that during the week I sleep too little. I get only 6,5 or 7hours a night and to my that is not enough. Too little sleep makes me wake up really tired in the mornings and I feel that I need to have a lot of coffee within the next two hours in order to get a day started. And that is not good in a long term. I think people should always try to take care after themselves the best possible manner - physically and mentally.

So during the weekends I easily have 8 to 9,5 hours a night. And that feels pretty fantastic.

I put both yesterday and today's HS on a living room table, carried breakfast on a tray to the living room too and made myself a comfortable little nest on the sofa. Loving my life so much at the moment<3

maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2011

I wouldn't mind a bit of rain now. It's been so humid over the past week or so. The skies have been changing from dark to sunny all the time and yeah, rain, please.

In fact, a proper thunderstorm followed by a heavy rain would be amazing now. I'd just unplug the TV and read something in the bed. That would ace! Yeah, I reckon I really chose well to live in England, as I'm asking for rain :)

But on the other hand, in England, you hardly ever get proper thunderstorms. You do get different types of rain for sure. Like Finland has different types of snow, England has different types of rain. Finland has only one type of rain. Water falls down from the sky and it is always the same. Oh hold on, no, maybe Finland has two types on rain to think about it. Heavy rain (called normal rain in England) and one form of drizzle. In England you get at least three types of drizzle and two types of rain.  At least.

Oh bloody hell it is getting sunny again. I guess I can't avoid going to the shop to buy some milk now. My splash of milk turned into a ball of cheese this morning in my coffee cup, which was STRANGE as the milk had nothing wrong with it yesterday morning. Disgusting, I know. On the other hand, it was funny at the same time as the milk sunk at the bottom of the cup instantly and formed itself into a little dice-sized mozzarella ball. No need to say, I didn't have morning coffee at home.

lauantai 9. heinäkuuta 2011

Tänään on ollut aika täydellinen päivä ja ilta varsinkin omalla parvekkeella viinilasin ja lehtien kera rauhallisen musiikin soidessa taustalla on ollut mitä rentouttavin tapa viettää lauantai-iltaa. Hei ihmiset, elämä on aika ihanaa.



torstai 7. heinäkuuta 2011

Tänään oli varmasti ensimmäinen kerta kun toimistotyö alkoi hieman harmittamaan. Ulkona oli ihan täydellinen kesäilma ja siellä vaan sitä tuli istuttua päätteen ääressä kahdeksasta neljään. Hmmm.... Noh... vi ska se.

Kello on vähän yli yhdeksän illalla ja ulkona paistaa aurinko täydeltä taivaalta ja lämmintä on vielä se +22'C. Love it!

tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2011

Kaisu, Sanni and I went for an extempore dinner to a Finnish restaurant called Savotta earlier today. Kaisu ate a samon dish, Sanni had a cabbage roll dis and I had Finnish kalakeitto. Hmm, the food was reved with home-made rye bread and limppu and with home-made butter. It was delicious. We also had a little introduction on the history of the restaurant and how everything inside the restaurant was actually collected from different parts of Finland. For instance, the floor wood was transported from the Northern of Finland and most of the china they used was old Arabia. The overall experience 3/5.

After that we had a quick desserts at Fazer Cafe. Sanni went for a mountain of ice cream, Kaisu had mascarpone-muffin with strawberries and I made a terrible mistake and had a chocolate apricot mousse, suklaa-aprikoosileivos, even though I don't even like mousse and yeah it was just too sweet. was in fact sickling, so mental note: never EVER again!

But yeah, it was really nice to see the girls :)

maanantai 4. heinäkuuta 2011

Ohhoh Monday, and in fact this summer's first Monday when I could actually wear a coat. I love my old United Colours of Benetton dark beige trench coat I bought four years ago from Japan. It is one of my all-time favourite clothing and I love it as much as I love Japan <3

I was also asked to open my summer sales shopping bags, which I will do next. This year my summer sales mission was to find something for autumn. So here are my three new autumn friends.
Black leather sailors

Black trench coat
Light blue scarf

sunnuntai 3. heinäkuuta 2011

Summer evening in the kitchen

Well finally I have managed to sort out everything and I can start living like a normal person. It is good to be back :)