sunnuntai 14. marraskuuta 2010

I like Chinese

Today has been an intensive Chinese day. Very intensive. Starting at 7.30am. Yes, I know,  I might have lost it -completely. I have been very good. Did finish up my eight pages worth of exercises, translations and grammar explanations and sent it off to Ning laoshi at 9pm today.

As I told you, we went out yesterday and it was so much fun. It wasn't a massive night out or anything, but it was just what I was and had been severely lacking over the past months. I enjoyed my bellinis in Browns and in fact ended up drinking a cup of coffee in Ha!Ha! at one point too. The coffee was free and I do have to admit that the occasions are rather rare and few when I say no to a cup of coffee, and as we see, yesterday wasn't one of the 'no coffee for me at this time' moments :)

I'm dead tired now, and I do have to go to bed. Well I'm actually in the bed as I type, but you know what I mean. Need to go to sleep. I need to put my laptop away, go and brush my teeth, and click, switch off the bedside table lamp and I can guarantee you that it will not take me longer than two minutes before I have fallen asleep.

Seriously, I'm a great sleeper.

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