lauantai 25. kesäkuuta 2011

When I was a child, I was a great fan of Peter the Rabbit  by Beatrix Potter. 

perjantai 24. kesäkuuta 2011

Opin tekemään just hyvää valkosipulileipää

It is moving day today. Whoop! I cleaned my flat from ceiling to the floor yesterday and today we can move most of my stuff in :)

I have been renovating, polishing and repairing old things all week and am extremely happy with the result.
Here are a few good examples:

I bought two Pentik's cotton lamp shades, large-sized white and medium-sized black, from a shop that specializes on selling a variety of products that are either old seasons and hence cannot be sold in department stores, or then products that are customer returns or have a little fault in them. The shop sells everything -40% from the original price so that is brilliant too if you happened to find something you are looking for -as I did. They had other Pentik stuff there too and I might go back there to get some cups next week...

I found a set of Hackman's Savonia cutlery from a flee market, but the cutlery looked really stained as the seller hadn't never taken a proper care of them. I thought that rather than buying a new set I should buy these and try to give them a proper brush. I washed them in the dishwasher first, but it didn't work for the stains. I searched help on Hackman's website and found a maintenance/take care of your products tips section. They advised their customers to boil 1 liter of water with 1dl of clear vinegar and to add the stained cutlery in. This got rid of the stains in all other cutlery apart from the spoons that I finally rubbed with a karhunkieli, and voilá all stains gone!

I tried to removes stains from my uncles old pot too with the same water/white vinegar trick, but unfortunately it didn't work. The stains were burned through the stainless steel surface ages ago. I hated the idea of throwing the otherwise new-like large pot away, so I searched the Internet again. And then, I found out that all Iittala Outlets in Finland take old pot, pans, frying pans and cutleries and send them to steel recycling factories where old and broken cooking appliances are converted into something else! Brilliant! That made me happy instantly. So next week, I shall hop on my bike and cycle there after work.

Also, I had bought wood oil for chopping boards and other wooden surfaces this week. I oiled three separate chopping boards, one for my mum and two for myself, and then one in my flat that you pull out from a kitchen station. Tomorrow I will do a few spatulas and salad spoons.

lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2011

Erhm, why didn't anyone tell me that stone walls literally suck litres of paint compared to other types of wall materials? I have been painting in my new flat for the whole week. Every single wall has now been painted four times. Well, apart from the bedroom, which is tomorrow's task. Seriously. I have used almost 10litres of paint to paint around 40m2 of wall surface. That cannot be right. I'm losing my faith here people.

A mental note: DO NOT AGREE TO PAINT EVER AGAIN. full stop.

Also, as I have been working my ass off at work too I had to get some happiness. I bought myself a house warming present: the Aalto vase. Yes I freaking deserved it!

keskiviikko 1. kesäkuuta 2011

Mä istuskelen just Helsinki-Vantaa lentokentällä ja odottelen lennon lähtöä. Lähtöselvityksen matkalaukkuhihnasto on viime yönä vaihdettu uuteen eikä uusi hihnasto toimi laisinkaan, joten kaikki matkalaukut odottavat isossa pinossa lähtöselvitystiskien vieressä. Se siis siitä, että oma matkalaukku ennättäisi lennolle. Täytynee siis ostaa uusi laukku paikan päältä, sillä koko Leedsissä käynnin idea oli tuoda tavaraa pois. No, sattuuhan näitä. Laskutamme sitten Finnairia jälkikäteen.

Eilinen päivä meni asunnon seinien maalauksessa ja sain jo keittiön ja eteisen kokonaan valmiiksi. Keittiön seinät jouduin maalaamaan neljä kertaa ja eteisen kolme. Edessä on siis vielä olohuone että makuuhuone. Maalasin vieläpä niin innokkaasti, että sain rakot oikeaan käteen :D