lauantai 31. maaliskuuta 2012

Speaking about Seth Stein Architects, look at their residential project portfolio

Summer house, Finland
A residential in Kensington London, which I actually have seen a picture a few years back on a deco magazine
A house in Toronto
 Plettenburg Bay, South Africa 
Vicenza, Italy
Portland Road, London
Turks and Caicos islands
Pitts Street, London
Notting Hill, London

This week has been so lovely weather wise. We have had our first Spring heatwave flushing over us, which has meant that the temperature has risen all the way up to +23'C! I recall one day at work sitting outside on a balcony for a short while and you could feel how strongly the sun was burning. It was bright so you had to close your eyes which is lovely and annoying at the same time.Also, you couldn't sit there too long because it got pretty hot and the UV rays were burning the top layers of your skin quite quickly. Well, at least they were burning mine, as my skin is typically Scandinavian in a sense of my skin is fair and thin so I need to be quite careful with sun -especially after winter when I am as pale as Snow White herself.

Because of the beautiful weather we decided to pop to JW Marriot Grosvenor House's restaurant bar JW Steakhouse outside terrace for evening drinks on Thursday. It was a good evening and  really made me enjoy the fact that I am living in London.

Also speaking about restaurants, I went to Baltic Restaurant for lunch this week. I loved the interior deco made by Seth Stein Architects! The funny thing is that you would never guess what the place looks inside if you just walk past it. The outside bit has a small area with three small tables for people to dine outside. This fools you easily, but when you go inside the 19th century building and carry on walking past the narrow bar, a bright beautiful terrace space in two levels opens in front of you. You have a warm mixture of dark amber and white painted walls with a natural fiber optic light installation hanging from the ceiling. It was pretty stunning.

maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2012

Oh my goodness I just watched Matthew Wolfenden's Dancing On Ice Final Singing On the rain performance on TV and I LOVED IT <3 Also, keep in mind that he is not a professional ice skater. To me that was just the perfectness!

perjantai 23. maaliskuuta 2012

Hello! Friday it is sweeties. It has been a long, busy week and am just reeeally happy that it is the weekend! Whoop! whoop! I do have to work tomorrow all day (when I say all day, I mean all day from 9am to 9pm, but oh well such is life at times), but still weekend happiness

sunnuntai 18. maaliskuuta 2012


I'm suffering from the biggest polo fever. Something needed to be done -so I booked tickets to Mint Polo this June! :)

lauantai 17. maaliskuuta 2012

lauantai 10. maaliskuuta 2012

Kylie Minogue - On a Night Like This (Released February 2012)

This week has been amazingly b-u-s-y at work. I mean super busy. Crazy busy. Just out of this world busy. I have left home every single day around 8am and returned home in the evening between 9 and 11.30pm. So yeah.. I have basically just slept at home and then gone off again. Also, this week has been interesting in a sense of I have been all around London from East to West to Central to North via South. Especially the central of London is starting to get really familiar to me. Through work I have mainly been representing and constantly meeting new people, which has been great, I have loved every second of it, but it has just been crazy at the same time. I think you get the idea. ok, that's my work update and now it is the weekend and time to relax.

It was funny yesterday when I finally got back home (after having the loveliest chat and a small pinot grigio in a pub nearby work with two of my work colleagues) Matt was already watching the 3rd series of SATC in the living room happily enjoying his well deserved Friday wine, with some nibbles of course. I sat on a sofa, forced Matt to go to the kitchen and fix us GTs (only because he knows how to do the best ones) and then we chat about life a little. By the time we had finished our drinks and watched another episode of SATC it was only 11.20pm and we had both fallen asleep. Pretty smashing Friday night, or what ? ;)


perjantai 2. maaliskuuta 2012

Weekend! Whoop!

I'm just waiting for Elli's train to arrive to King's Cross as very soon we are heading to Mayfair for dinner. Champagene and fine fining here we come!!!