perjantai 26. elokuuta 2011

Morning! It is Friday Friday Friday again!

A friend is holding a party tonight so I made something to bring with me; a quiche lorraine. The quiche looked really nice, I don't know about the taste yet, but I'm sure we shall see (or taste) about that in the evening :) Yeah food poisoning everyone, that's the way forward -and probably the last time I get an invitation to any get-together. Oh well, such us life.

What else? Yesterday evening our lovely, helpful downstairs janitor brought light into my kitchen -literally. I was trying to fix up a ceiling lamp myself  (with the help of an instruction leaflet). Everything went really well until I got on the page 14 "connecting electrical ground wires" I was staring at the black and white guidebook in front of me and I had six rainbow-coloured wires hanging from the ceiling. Great. So I phoned the janitor and asked if he knew how to do electrical installation work and if he'd have time to come up and take a look.   Two hours later, he rang the doorbell and everything was done in 10minutes. So yes, now I can actually see what I'm doing in the kitchen after it gets dark outside and that's probably why I was in a mood for cooking all of a sudden and made that quiche :) The janitor also promised to come back on Monday and hang a heavy wooden shelf on the kitchen wall. He is a star. 

Now, off for a run!

torstai 25. elokuuta 2011

Tässä pitäisi päättää millaiset baarituolit ostaisi tuonne keittiöön. Tällaisia olen vähän ihastellut :)

Wood Pro




Kello on vähän yli seitsemän aamulla ja aurinko paistaa. Kahvinkeitin purputtaa aamukahvia ja minä voin pahoin. Kyse ei siis ole aamupahoinvoinnista vaan ihan vain jokin sortin pöpöstä, joten nyt on parampi jäädä kotiin.

Tosi harmi, että näin pääsi käymään nimenomana tänään, koska mulla olisi ollut illalla töiden jälkeen jalkahoito ja sitten on sopinut, että näen kaverin tämän jälkeen. No ei mahda mitään, täytyy vain siirtää.

maanantai 22. elokuuta 2011

Mulla on uusi polkupyörä ja tänään tuli testauttua, että sillä pääsee tosi lujaa! Mun vanha pyörä sanoi adjöt, joten uuden fillarin osto olisi ollut edessä ennemmin tai myöhemmin. Tää mun uusi kaunokki on ihan perusfillari, 7 vaihdetta, käsi-ja jalkajarrut, tarakka ja lokasuojat. Tästä ei kyllä pyörä varmasti enää polkupyörämäisemmaksi muutu ja hyvä niin. Tärkeintä on että pääsee kätevästi paikasta toiseen ja kaikki pelittää niinkun pitääkin. Nyt täytyy vielä ivestoida kypärään -sattuneesta syystä ;)

sunnuntai 21. elokuuta 2011

What has my week been like?

Hey lovelies, I thought to tell you about my week. It has been rather hectic, but I have enjoyed every single day. You know, speaking on enjoining your days, I do have to say that after experiencing tremendously hard time for ten months without a break, this summer has felt like dancing on rose petals. It has been just so great because it hasn't been about sorrow or sadness. I mean, obviously, each day has goods and bads in it, but at the same time, once you have gone through difficult times and managed to get over them, positive things in your life just taste extra sweet. You appreciate them so much more. Maybe it is partly because the hardship is still fresh in your memory and you know that things could be a lot worse. And maybe it is because you have an attitude that this time around only good things are going to happened to you and there is really nothing that could stop them coming along in the future too. Ok, but that's that. I just felt like saying: thank you.

On Monday, I had an amazingly good dermalogica facial at Elegia Day Spa. The dermatologist who did it was really funny, but very professional. Yeah, she was just truly wonderful and knew what she was doing. I even had to ask her to write her name at the back of the Spa's business card, because she was so good. So then I got myself a personal dermatologist :) Great!

On Tuesday I had a really good aerobic class. I was aching for the rest of the week because of this! Loved it!
And also probably needed it as much as I loved it,  due to a week's break from doing anything. However, I had a good reason for it. I was in the UK ;)

On Wednesday I had a sleepover at a friend's house. We made good food and had a little bit of wine (and sparking wine too). I made mozzarella parma ham salad and mushroom risotto. Delicious.

Thursday, I had a yoga lesson after work. It was so relaxed and I felt good and energetic afterwards. Then saw another friend for a quick dinner just before we went to see a Finnish film called Vares.

On Friday I saw a third friend who I hadn't seen for almost a year. Three hours flew by in a blink of an eye, and after four glasses of wine and two empty salad plates we agreed to have a weekly Friday club from now on until the rest of this year. Ah, thank you darling, having a chat with you was just what I had needed.

Saturday, during the day I checked out a few outlets and later had the world's worst sushi for lunch. Everything in it was just wrong. I also managed to spill soy sauce on my beige trousers. Great. I was not impressed, I can tell you that :) In the evening I had the week's second sleepover. I love sleeping over at someone's as much as I like having someone sleeping over at mine's. It is just something that people don't do that much anymore, and I think people should. It is definitely worth it. Also, watched a film called Win-Win yesterday evening.

lauantai 20. elokuuta 2011

Statement necklaces with pearls, I've been eyeing on these beauties for a while..

perjantai 19. elokuuta 2011

Moves Like Jagger -happy autumn

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