maanantai 29. marraskuuta 2010

I absolutely love the weather <3 It is so wintery!

I just realised today in my Chinese Business lecture that we are currently on a week 10, which means that there are only two weeks left for this semester! Whoopey-doo! Tomorrow I have my next Chinese exam and next week, the last listening exam. Then I'm done for all the term time exams -well of course excluding the final six exams after Christmas! That should be fun...

Tomorrow I will also make gingerbreads. I have had a terrible graving for them all weekend and as I couldn't find any from Tesco today, I decided to make them myself. Sorted!

This week will be a lot more relaxed compared to the previous weeks, or at least that is what I hope. On Wednesday I have a Business opportunity seminar at 5pm and am going for coffee with Matt earlier that day too. Then I have to update my CV and that's pretty much what I am going to do.

On Thursday, I have a CV meeting and I should have had another meditation group meeting, but I think it might run parallel with the CV thingy. Annoying. But then in the evening Scandinavian society is arranging a glögg party so I shall be popping down there later.

Friday will be a day of joy! Then end of the week, which is always a reason to be happy. There were some suggestions for going out with the MA people, but we shall see if that is going to happend on Friday or Saturday. Hopefully the majority wants to go out on Friday as I have other plans on Sat. 

Saturday plans include attending a Chinese cultural study group and probably just going to gym during the day. Karin will host later in the evening her famous annual glögg parties, so I will be most definitely going there too!

And on Sunday, Ken has invited us all for a Sunday roast. Mia has flown from China for a week's visit so I shall be seeing her, which is always lovely. She is so nice.

Right, so this is what my week is probably going to look like. I'm so happy that the semester is finally ending and I can take a good long breath in and breath out. No more hectic studying or stressing. God, I'm happy to have a little bit of life again :)

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