torstai 18. marraskuuta 2010

Morning :) Ok before you judge I want to make one thing clear; I'm about to turn 26, and therefore, I'm completely capable of making the decision wheter skipping lecutres today is good or bad for me and my learning curve. So yes, I pulled a sicky. It is not lazyness, it is prioritising. Sometimes you have to know which things to push aside and which ones to concentrate on. Thus, specific attention shall be given to International Business this week . Bite it or not, but this is my excuse not to go to my Chinese drill and practical lectures today. And I feel so guilty for doing that -even though I'm turing 26. Great.

It of course doesn't mean that I'd be doing absolutely nothing. Oh no! I have a mail long 'to-do-list' waiting for me on my desk. See here is where the justifying comes in. My problem is that I hardly ever have unfinished things and tasks hanging in the air. I always finish off the things that I start, which naturally is the reason why my 'to-do-list' can get guite long at times :)

I have finally decided to buy that lovely big blue scarf from River Island. The one I was talking about a few weeks ago. I would have probably bought it already if I only would have had enough time to actually go into town and get it. The picture doesn't do justification on how big and soft and lovely the scarf really is, but I can assure you that it will keep me warm -and happy. 

Right, I better go back to my Chinese and International Business. And breakfast would be nice as well. Yeah,  I will start off with the latter simply because I'm starving. A cup of coffee and a bowl of porrige with bananas and raspberries.

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