maanantai 22. marraskuuta 2010

I had such a good and productive weekend. I was particularly pleased with the amount of work I managed to do and how little it actually affected to my weekend socialising. We had Rob's brother, his girlfriend and their friend visiting us from Poland. They came quite late on Friday evening and on Saturday they had a shopping day in town whilst I had my Saturday's study group until 6pm. From there we all went to Matt and Ken's for a quick drink and then for hotpot.

The plan was to see more people in German Christmas Market in Millennium Square after hotpot. Well, it didn't quite happend as we spend three hours in the restaurant and once we were ready to leave it was too late for Christmas Market anymore. So Matt, Ken and I went to theirs and watched X Factor. I stayed over.

I had my Sunday's study group from 2pm onwards, so we thought that I would be a good idea to go shopping in town. Yes, finally!

Who said that money can't buy happiness?

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