keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2012

Time for a quick update perhaps? Certainly.

I have been doing a million and one things today.

Worked in the morning, drove mum to the doctor's, tried to find the perfect 'thank you' card whilst mum was seeing her GP, drove mum to two different pharmacies, hunt down the perfect farewell gift (and thankfully found one in the end!), cleaned my desk at work, said goodbyes to everyone (and tried to hold my tears back - without succeeding in it very well).

Later, I had a heavenly pedicure and enjoyed a really good cup of green tea with some home-made biscuits whilst the pedicure lady was doing her magic. The only comment she said during the one hour session was: 'What a wonderful pair of feet, especially these toes'. That made me laugh so hard that tears came into my eyes again. I think that was the strangest, yet the best compliment I've ever been given :D

Before taking the bus home, I nipped into S-market. I bought a massive bag of sweets, which I had craved for ages. I guess it is pretty needless to say that now, I feeling pretty sick as there is only a handful of sweets left at the bottom of the bag. Well done me. At home I made some oven backed sweet potatoes, carrots and salmon. This strange dish was a combination of left overs and yeah it turned out awfully :D I tell you, it was not edible in any form or shape. I only ate the salmon and sweet potatoes. Oh well..

Then had two long conversations on the phone that both made me glad. People, it is so important to appreciate what you have.

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