torstai 12. tammikuuta 2012

3 piece of news

1.The price of orange juice hit a 34-year high on Tuesday. The price of frozen concentrated orange juice has risen 25 per cent since the beginning of January which, according to market researchers, could lead to a rise in the orange juice retail prices. Hmm, even though I don't dislike apple juice, I prefer apple juice. Disastrous news for mum though. She is often like possessed near the juice shelves. Seriously, every time I'm doing a food shop with her she tells me (and the rest of the shoppers) very loud and clear to grab NOTHING else than a Tropicana cartoon. I think PepsiCo must have added hell of a lot addictive ingredients into the concentrate. Hah, well that would explain my liking to Mimosas :D 
2.India’s cabinet has agreed to open its retail sector for foreign ownership of single brand stores. As no Indian jv-partners are needed for entering the retail markets anymore, the decision-makers at Ikea and Addidas (for instance) must be rubbing their hands together. On the other hand, multibrand stores such as Tesco and Wallmart have to continue staying patient as their entry still requires a joint venture with an Indian partner. The Congress Government decision is not only aimed at perking up the economy but also to help domestic producers. Foreign companies are ordered to outsource 30 per cent of their production to small local producers and companies.  At the same time, not everyone is keen to take a risk;  M&S has for instance reported having no desire to stop working with its ts current India partner. Even though I found this bit interesting, a cold sweat was about to rose on my temples as I started to recall all those freaking profit margins, economies of scale and scope, and those awful production/cost/pricing decisions we had to do/calculate/figure out in seminars and group challenges last year.  Good God I'm glad I have graduated :D
3.It is not going well for Tiffany & Co. The fine jewelry brand’s sales growths have fallen in Asia, Europe and the US. The global financial crisis seems to have finally hit the rich consumers too as Tiffany's shares fell 11 per cent to $59.46 in early trade. Interestingly, the luxury brands have remained as the most resilient forces in retail, but as Tiffany’s rates suggest, there might be a change approaching soon. Also, not surprisingly at all Tiffany’s weakest market was Europe with 4 per cent fall from previous year, even though Tiffany reported a worldide 7 per cent rise in net sales. I would help Tiffany rise its European sales, if I would not be on a spending detox. Sorry Tiffy.

Coffee and news were offered by FT Bloomberg and my coffee maker.

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