perjantai 6. tammikuuta 2012


I have always had a bit of love hate relationship with loafers. I love classic, simple, slightly nerdy loafers (especially sailor and suede ones), but tend  to overlook leather loafers with tassels, sparkles and other bits and bobs. I know loafers have been a big thing for quite a while now, but still somehow, I cannot imagine myself slipping into a certain type of pair. However, now I'm determinate to overcome my loafer ignorance and I'm going to prove myself wrong here. I'm going to add a list of hate loafers that still have something visually interesting in them and when the right opportunity comes about I will own a pair. So here we go.

Ok the next four lines down are cheating. I loooove these TH Gamba loafers in every single colour they come in. Absolutely beautiful!

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