torstai 5. tammikuuta 2012

New Year's resolution 2012 - Buying Detox

Here is my New Year's resolution 2012 until the end of February. 

Detox your wardrobe:

*Don't buy new clothes
*Don't change clothes with friends
*Don't accept new/used clothes from anyone
*Get by with what you have in your wardrobe

In a way I feel it is absolute madness to agree with doing something so mindlessly stupid at this particular time of the year. Seriously. All the best after Christmas sales are on and with a bit of planning you could actually do some wise investment buys. Oh no. Now it is time to return all your after Christmas sales clothes back to shops, which I fyi did a few days ago, and basically cope with what you already have. And if you take a look at my wardrobe, this really shouldn't be a mission impossible at all. 

Also, as I'm moving to London within a month's time I think this Buying Detox NY resolution is something that will definitely help me to sort out my clothes and decide what to take with and what to leave behind. And people, it is only 48kg you are allowed to carry with you. And now all you guys reading this you can stop rolling your eyes. 48kg should not set you back that much nor blow your mind ;) Yes, try to move houses with a female and soon you will start seeing 48kg in a very different light. You probably start hoping that it would really only be 48kg your lady friend has to ask you to carry for her instead of 84kg worth of essentials :D I'm just saying...

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