keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2012

I feel like talking more. My mind seems to be like a Pandora's Box at the moment: let it all out.

Yes, after having such a successful day today, I must say that I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow too. This is because I'm trying out new core aerobics class in the morning at 7am! Yeah..that is silly early. However, I haven't have time to do anything (exercise-wise) for a week so it is about the time to hit the gym again. Also, as there is no reason for any stupid excuses, I'm in fact more than happy to have my 7am morning session tomorrow. Then I'm going to have a breakfast meeting with my ex boss. I'm brining the croissants and fruits, she promised to provide the rest. Great. 

In the afternoon, I'm meeting my friend for clothes shopping. Get this, I can choose one all-inclusive outfit for someone. Amazing. In a way I'm flattered for being asked to do so, as some people can be quite sensitive with their own style and clothes they wear -especially when it is someone else suggesting what the person should wear instead of what they themselves consider the best look. Hence, I would never say 'You should wear this instead of that you normally wear', no. I'm more of those people who give ideas and (honest) opinions on what something looks on someone and I'd see myself saying 'That looks good, however, have you ever considered mixing it with this'. If not then that's fine. Also, I would never suggest an item that is too far fetch from what the person wears normally as the item(s) can easily be(come) too different and the person simply never starts wearing them. New clothes hanging in the wardrobe (with tags on) is an alien concept to me and in my mind that's money wasted.

Tomorrow evening I'm also picking up my new glasses. Well, what I mean here by 'picking them up' is not really picking them up in the true sense of the word. I'm having an optician appointment first and afterwards a session with a style consultant who is going to help me to choose the right pair of glasses. As apparently it is always better to have someone else to do it for you ;) I might no agree completely on this, but I like to keep my options open and welcome new suggestions. And yes I think this, if something, is exactly the right way to  provide a wider range of services for new and returning customers and ultimately differentiate yourself from your competitors. I'm obviously looking forward to it all, especially as this is the first ever session with an Eyewear Style Consultant :) That would look pretty amazing on your business card "Henna-Emilia T. Eyewear Style Consultat". You just got to love the independent and private entrepreneurs. 

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