sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

After having a good night sleep in my little, yet very comfortable, South Kensington bed, I feel completely refreshed. I have a strong feel that moving to London was the right decision and I'm super excited about being here. I will be staying in a hotel for the first six days before we can move into our new flat. I think my hotel was a true find as especially the slightly cheaper non-chain hotels can be quite of a hit and miss in this city. I've been staying in some horrendous hostels in the past and even the thought of going there again makes my skin  crawl. One of the most disturbing ones was in fact in London. It was three years back when Laura paid a visit to see me in England and we decided to spend the last weekend in London before she flew back home. We had booked this 3* hostel through a website and once we got there we weren't sure whether to cry or laugh. I think we did a bit of both in the end ;) Experiences like those really make me appreciate where I'm staying now. Hah, also the good thing with Laura is that she is the worst (or best if you ask me!) hotel snob in the word as she works in the travel&leisure industry. This naturally means that when she books a hotel you just know you won't be disappointed. She is really good at finding a decent price yet modern and good quality hotel super fast. I guess professionals like she is recognize the goods from the bads pretty quickly.


Today's plan is to go for a long Sunday stroll around Kensington. I've never been to Kensington Gardens, so that is probably where I'm going to head first.

Also, did I tell you my phone died on the Friday 13th? Very convenient day for it to happen, I thought. I'm not too unhappy about the fact it happened and that I need to get a new phone. The touch screen stopped working completely which means that I can't answer/make phone calls, use the phone menu (in other words use ANY of the applications or phone functions) or read texts. Brilliant! The phone is two years old and fixing it would cost more than buying a new one. Now, people who read this blog regularly probably remember a distant post I wrote a few months back about my next choice of phone. Yes it will be a black coloured BlackBerry. I know BBs often divide people into two groups; the ones liking them and the ones preferring something else. As I have had a fixation towards BlackBerries for a good ten years or so, I think now is a perfect opportunity to get rid of this silly fixation and finally get one. So going to see what kinds of a phone deals my UK phone operator has to offer at the moment too.

However, before that I have recharge my camera's battery.

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