keskiviikko 11. tammikuuta 2012


I woke up at 5.30am this morning and since I didn't fall asleep again after lying in bed trying to fall asleep for quite a while, I gave up and just got up. It is still dark outside so I thought to make the morning a little bit special. I lit candles. I have candles in every room to make it all look pretty. Bathroom has one scent candle on the top of the sink. In the living room I have six little tealights in little Heikki Orvola's designed Kivilyhty tealight holders on the windowsill. In the kitchen, I put four tealights inside two clear and two apple green Aino Aalto drinking glasses and lifted them on another windowsill, as well as lit one big white ball shaped candle, which I got as a present from Neea, in the middle of the kitchen table. Bedroom has one vanilla scent candle. Also, there are two big lantern candles on the hall's floor surface to bring more soft light into the flat. Aww, I think it looks lovely in here.


Hope you have a happy Wednesday <3

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