keskiviikko 8. joulukuuta 2010

Jihuu I had my last Chinese listening exam today and it wasn't too hard. Hence, a pass mark is likely, but of course not guaranteed. So let's hope for the best.

It has been rather cold and slippery day today. I have had massive difficulties in keeping my balance as I stupidly wore the wrong kind of shoes. But that's ok.

I bought my plane tickets yesterday so I will be flying back home on Sunday. The annoying thing is that I can't fly with my trusted airline company Finnair as the air hostesses and flight attendants are striking. Cheers people. So I'm flying with Easy Jet....Hmmm... Not so impressed about that -at all actually. Well at least this time I will get plenty of time to do tax free shopping at the airport, which is always good :) See this is me, I will automatically always find  the bright side. I do it unconsciously. My cup is always half full and my cloud has always a silver lining. 

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