tiistai 7. joulukuuta 2010

I need to update! 

Sunday's Christmas shopping was a success! I did a good 4 hours worth of digging and managed to buy half of  the presents I was supposed to. Well done me. On Sunday we also had the loveliest Sunday roast on earth! Thank you chef Tam. It was soooo amazing -as per usual.

On Monday we celebrated the Finnish Independence Day. Charlie, Rob and I had sparkling wine, chocolate cake and a Finnish presentation to set the celebration mood right . I watched the Independence Day Reception online and was very moved by the old war veterans coming in first and shaking the president couple's hands.  I love being a Finn <3

Today Mia, Matt, Ken and I went to see The Nutcracker ballet in the Leeds Grand Theatre. I assume it is needless to emphasise how much I liked it. If you'd have to describe it with a single word it would be beautiful. It reminded me a Swedish Christmas film Fanny och Alexandra a bit. We are most definitely going back to see other shows! In fact we were talking about seeing Cleopatra ballet at some point.

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