keskiviikko 15. joulukuuta 2010

The Moomin mug scam? -well not really

This is absolutely shocking! I was browsing the Internet to compare Christmas present prices to find the cheapest ones to help my mum to save some money. My mum demanded that I give her a list of five Christmas presents that I’d like to get. She said that she doesn’t buy all five (obviously), just a few of them, which still keeps the excitement but prevents people from getting unnecessary stuff that nobody actually needs. This is the reason why I love my mum, so practical. But yes back to the shocking bit. I was reading an article on a Finnish design brand Arabia’s Moomin mugs, which revealed that all the seasonal Moomin mugs are made in Thailand and all Arabia’s red ceramic plates, mugs and other dishes are made in various Asia countires too. I always ALWAYS thought, or haven’t thought to be precise, that the Moomin mugs would not have been made in Finland. This is because there is a stamp at the bottom of each item saying Arabia Finland. But of course, now when I think about it properly, it really doesn’t mean that anything else than the design and corporate headquarters have to be in Finland in order for Arabia Finland being able to call their products Finnish. Yes, should have really thought about it a bit more in debth.

Well such is life.

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