maanantai 9. toukokuuta 2011

Reading week

My last ever reading week has started! I'm surprisingly calm and have completely adopted an attitude according to which I concentrate on quality over quantity. I do what I can do within a week's time and that is enough.

I will start up early every morning so that I'm in the library before 9am and then do a reading subject until lunchtime. Then I will continue with a language for two or so hours. I have also booked an exercise class for each day, which means that I have a proper schedule and can be productive as well as get some exercise every day. Doing something active is a great way to air your thoughts and stretch those stiff backs and shoulders. After the gym/classes I will go home and have my dinner. After dinner I will work for two to three hours and then finally after work, I will make myself a cup of tea and a bowl of yoghurt and berries have a little chat in the kitchen and after that I can dedicate some time for bed side reading before it is time to go to sleep.

I know that this probably doesn't sound very exciting, but I'm determined to make my last reading week as nice as I possibly can. So this means that even though I will be doing mostly 8 to 10 hours of reading every single day, I'm still going to meet friends as I can ask people to have lunch with me or maybe go for a walk. Here again, quality over quantity.

For instance, today I woke up 7.15, had break fast and started at the Business School 8.30am. Had an hour's lunch with Robin from 12 until 1pm. Did Chinese in the language centre until 2.30pm. Had pilates from 3 to 4pm. Talked on the phone with mum whilst I was making dinner, which took me until 5.30. From then on I started working and finished that at 7.30. Did Chinese grammar for half an hour. Now I'm stretching my back a bit until I take my strategic management books out again and do a few hour's worth of beside reading, as at 11pm it will be my bed time.

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