lauantai 7. toukokuuta 2011


I like brands that have history behind them and most importantly they have something that distinguishes their products from their competitors'. I rather spend on products that have efficient after sale services as if the product breaks I know that I can get it professionally fixed. Indeed, all Barbour jackets are made to last a lifetime and they come with a full guarantee of two (waterproof jackets) or one year (the rest of the range) from the date of purchase (more information on 

This of course means that I will have to stick to the same jacket for years, but you know to be honest, I don't mind :) I have a pair of old Ecco boots which I have taken to get repaired twice now (heeled probably four of five times), and hence, they are still in a really good condition and my favourite pair of boots. I bought them in 2007 and have practically lived in them for the past four years. Obviously, I have had other boots in between too, but this particular pair has managed to impress. But yes back to Barbour, I was thinking about getting myself either one of theirs waxed or quilted jackets -just don't know yet which one to go for.




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