sunnuntai 9. tammikuuta 2011

What Sundays mean to me

Have I mentioned that I love Sundays and weekends in general? I'm sure I have. It is just so nice to wake up in your own time, you can turn to the left and then to the right, drift away to sleep again if you feel like it, and once you are ready you can wake up slowly knowing that it is Sunday.

Also Sunday breakfast should be a bit special. It doesn't necessarily have to be anything extravaganza, but it has to have a little something that differentiates it from your normal Mon-Fri breakfast porridge. I often have my Sunday breakfast in bed :) Even thought, I'm not a huge fan of eating in bed, on Sundays I will do that if I'm at home. I will have my laptop there with me too and I will read the news properly any maybe watch TV too. I need to have that Sunday morning moment to myself. 

Last year I was so stressed out in the mornings, especially in the spring and early summer that I didn't have the patience to sleep long enough. I went to bed in decent time around 11pm, but woke up at silly hours between 5 and 6am. I had this constant idea in my head saying that I have so much to do, I should be doing something at this very moment and that I can't waist another minute. So went for a morning run. It helped, but the stress had taken over by June and I felt really tired and was fed up with studying - big time. Thankfully that didn't lead to a burn out or anything. So this time around, I have to take it easy.

Even though, I do love my Sunday mornings, I do want some content on my Sundays. Sometimes it is ok to stay indoors all day and brainlessly watch TV or do something similar, but in a long run that is not for me. Again, it doesn not have to be anything extreme, but a good long walk in a park, a visit to a museum, meeting people for coffee or a bit of shopping would all be on the top of my Sunday afternoon list. 

Sundays are important and if you have someone to share it with then even better. 

Have lovely Sundays <3

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