tiistai 11. tammikuuta 2011

Tuesday's revision avoidance break

Would it be really bad to admit that I kind of like Ellie Gouling? I head her version of Elton John's Your Song last November at the gym and every time I was on a treadmill and the song came on I turned the volume up a bit. Finally, in December I admitted to myself that I liked that song a lot. And today, just an hour ago, I had another I-like-Ellie moment with her Guns and horses song. I hadn't realise that she sings this song too, as per usual. Maybe it is her way of hitting the high notes in her songs that makes me like her. And probably her very down-to-earth looks, which is really nice to see in a comparison of all those glam and overly sexy artists out there. I think she, if anyone, looks like a very typical Brit girl in her 20s -in a good way of course :)

But yeah, I'm so bad at recognizing singers and songs by their name without seeing the person or a music video. If I see the video or artist once, I will probably remember it later too, but I just cannot  link faces and music without having seen an visual image -well unless it is Rihanna or Shakira whose voices are so different from everyone else's. And the same no-visual image-no-idea problem goes with actors and their names.

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