sunnuntai 16. tammikuuta 2011

The era of night creams has started! When my friend Laura and I turned 20 years old, we agreed that she would not  use eye creams and night creams until she would turn 30 years old where as I would use all these lovely beauty products from my 20s onwards. Then we are supposed to compare the results ten years later. The idea itself is, of course, interesting, but then we didn't think about the other factors, such as genes, sun bathing, smoking, stressing etc. that have an effect on the final result. I reckon we will both end up having the same wrinkles by the time we are on our 30s, but at least until that age hits, I can envelope myself in an illusion that I have done something to prevent looking old and saggy :) So here is my new baby Biotherm's Skin Vivo night cream

I have been revising everyday at the library during the past few days, and I must say that I was well impressed on yesterday's session. Ask me anything about China's FDI inflows and outflows, car industry, banking sector, or  China and the EU trade relations and I shall give you an answer. So well done me. Today I did a similar session on Japan, but the resources and reading materials were neither as self-explanatory nor as interesting as the China ones were, so I think I need to put a bit more effort into the Japan section tomorrow. The exam is on Tuesday so there is still time.

I have also been very happy with my Estée Lauder Soft Clean cleanser. Love the smell and the fact that it doesn't leave your face dry after the usage, but it still cleans well. The only downside to it, is its consistency, which is a little bit too hard to break and blend between your fingers at first, but once that is done, this item is one of those products that makes your nightly make-up removing session a very enjoyable experience. 

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