perjantai 19. heinäkuuta 2013

Summer in the city

Summer in the city - it has been sunny and lovely in London for the past week. It is really exceptional to have such a long lasting heatwave on this side of the world. We are talking about +28'C to +31'C outside every single day. And what is the strangest thing is that the temperature doesn't drop in the evening, it pretty much stays around +27'C to +29'C throughout the whole night - which has meant a serious contemplating of a midnight shower a few times :)

Aside of the warm temperatures, it has been wonderful to see how the whole London comes out to restaurants and bars after work. We have been spending time in Richmond river front, Southbank and Shoreditch. People are happy, feel free and have a smile on their faces -even though everyone is pretty much sweating all the time.

Summer in the city - wearing a light blue summer dress and beige leather flats with golden details

This summer's best summer drinks have definitely been ice cold cappucinos and wonderfully refreshing strawberry & white wine summer punch. We discovered this beautiful and light drink this week whilst being in Hoxton square for dinner and a few post-drinks. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a summer in a glass!
Summer drink; lemons, strawberries, white wine, soda

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