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New ballerinas

I have been meant to write this post about my new ballerinas for some time now. I visited Stockholm a while ago and got myself two beautiful pairs of leather ballerina flats from Rizzo's 2013 summer sales.

Rizzo is a Swedish retailer selling beautiful footwear and accessories. They are under a bigger retail group, Venue Retail group,  who also own similar footwear, accessory and bag brands as Accent and Morris. They sell shop brand products under the name Rizzo as well as other brands such as Billi Bi and Menbur They have shops only in the Nordic countries, which is why I often make sure I nip in their Helsinki store in Aleksanterinkatu, every time I visit home.It is a shame they haven't expanded to the UK yet, even though, who knows, there might be a some UK stores may well have taken Rizzo's products in.

The shoes Rizzo sells are classic and beautiful. Some of them have more interesting details than others, but as a rule, everything tends to look pretty good. Also, the majority of their products are made of leather which I will always give extra points. Shoes and bags are not too pricy - of course a lot more expensive than cheap and cheerful one month wonders - so I think with most of Rizzo's shoes you get good value for money.

Billi Bi beige leather ballerinas

Billi Bi's beige nubuck leather ballerinas have a beautiful golden buckle detailing. The end toe part of the shoe is made of black leather, which makes the otherwise natural coloured shoe look interesting and easy to mix with almost everything you are wearing. The shoes were -50% discount, which was a fantastic addition to these beauties.

These Rizzo ballerinas match perfectly with one of my bags; the colour is exactly the same. Also love the golden plates and little buckle detailing. I have been wearing these shoes a lot lately and they are amazing to walk in. These bad boys were also picked up from the -50% sale table.

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