torstai 4. heinäkuuta 2013

Modalu - Pippa Brogue Grab bag

May I introduce to you my new handbag purchase Pippa Brogue Grab by Modalu London. Modalu's Pippa bag in nude is something I have wanted to buy for quite a some time now.

Modalu Spring 2012 colour pallete fresh lavender and soft sand

I bought the medium size Pippa Brogue Grap, the one with two front zip pockets, three main zip sections and double grab handles. The bag has a beautiful Modalu lining and comes with a dust bag. There are also little feet on base of the handbag that keep the handbag standing nicely. 

Modalu Pippa bag in nude Pippa grab handbag

Modalu lining Pippa bag

Pippa bags come in various colours and sizes and are all made of fine leather. Since I have always liked the nude colour Pippa bags (past season - hence they have been usually sold out everywhere I have looked) tracking down one has been quite a difficult thing to do. A few week's ago I, however, came across with one in a handbag and shoe shop Rizzo in Stockholm.  

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