tiistai 21. helmikuuta 2012

It is 10.30pm and Matt and I got back from our gym about half and hour ago. We both agreed on the fact that finishing gym this late is literally too late. Our gym is fantastic as far as residential development gyms go, as we have a proper mini fitness first studio, spa, steam room and a sauna downstairs. It is occupants use only, so outsider are  not allowed in. We had our gym induction last Wednesday and all three of us have decided to get healthy, happy and fit. My personal goal is to build up strength and get more visible muscles and when this is done in month three, get rid of the possible fat on the top of the muscles. I'm not so worried about loosing weight or cutting back on fat at this point as my personal trainer emphasises so clearly that in my case, it is not worth working hard and draining myself in order to loose as much fat as possible, as then when I'd be trying to get the muscles to grow afterwards, it would be much longer and harder process than the other way around. I guess that everything that is meant to "melt" away will do so naturally.

So I had a session with my personal trainer last Wednesday and she gave me a two week programme to follow whilst she crafts me the final gym programme of what I'm going to use in the course of the next four to six months. Obviously, I won't be repeating the same movements with same weights and reps six months from now, she will naturally give me loads of options and alterations to choose from. As the key is to use imagination and do versatile moves in order to keep my body guessing and working the best possible manner. Also, nutrition has to be good enough so that I can provide my body all it needs throughout this journey. Get this, I have even bought my first ever recovery supplements and vitamins :D Good God I'm taking this seriously.

Hah, maybe I should tell you something about my first session. First of all, it was good. I was full of energy and super motivated. I was doing all the moves as well as I possibly could and she was pushing me really hard. Hence, I can tell you that I was NOT able to go down to the gym next time until four or five days after I had the session with the her. Yup, she really made me work that hard and the weights I was using were bloody heavy!

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