tiistai 28. helmikuuta 2012

Another week has started. The last week of February! I have lived in London for a month now and it has been amazing. This was so the right decision. 

Also, as per requested, here is a picture of my chest of draws content. This draw is a necessity hence it is sadly rather important :) Three clutches, two black container boxes (that were given to me in 2009 and that have then travelled from Leeds to Helsinki to London), jewelry and watches. 

I have a friend coming over this weekend! Elli and I are going to spend another brilliant weekend together. She had found some good French and Italian restaurants to where we were planning to go to. So some restaurant posts will definitely uploaded next week. Apart from restauranting I reckon we just take it easy, see places and talk loads over the weekend. To me that sounds like a very decent plan!

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