keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2011

Hello there sweethearts,

you know how I have mentioned my strange habit of listening only one or two songs at a time? I keep on repeating these "songs of the moment" over and over and over again for a certain period of time (could be a day, a week or a few weeks) until I get that feeling of "ok, I think this is enough now". Well I'm completely hooked on Jenni Vartiainen's Mustaa kahvia song. The lyrics don't even match with my current life situation, but I love the bit when she sings (and for all you English speaking people, yes it is in Finnish )

ja sä sanoit ettei meillä ole
aikaa tuhlata
mihin sulla oli kiire
sä et ehtinyt kertoa
ja sä sanoit että aurinko
on tehty tulesta
nyt talven tullessa
se on niin kaukana

what can I say? Just liking this song a lot.

ps. In fact, I guess the songs I like the most are the ones I can relate to. Like I said earlier, I don't need to be in that particular situation in that very moment that the song is about. I appreciate songs that bring up memories, good and not so good, and to be honest, sometimes songs that make me think about my life retrospectively are pretty awesome, as it makes you realise how freaking fantastic life can be :)

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