sunnuntai 6. marraskuuta 2011

The amazingness keeps on continuing. I am certainly not complaining. This week flew by, but it still left that pleasant feeling not one of those “God another week gone, but nothing is happening in my life”. Nope.  Let me think, on Monday I went to see Almodóvar’s La piel que habito to a cinema. The film was good, as it can be expected from Almodovar in general, but after the film I was just very confused and not sure what to think. Also, quite many unexpected scenes came up, the people who have seen it know what I mean. So that was nice way to start a week, go to a cinema.

My Tuesday was one of these I can’t believe how amazing my life is days. During the day, I tested different chocolatiers and got to compare some of the best ones. Yes girls, that meant tasting pralines, various kinds, shapes and flavoured dark and milk chocolates with chefs specialised on chocolate making as well as with a few chocolatiers. I was pretty damn happy. However, the icing of my Tuesday’s cake was a facial and an Indian head massage in the evening. Felt like my life couldn’t get any better that evening. well little did I know :)

On Wednesday, I saw a friend after work for a meal and coffee. The weather was gloomy and it was about to start raining, but we still decided to walk to Café Ursula in Kaivopuisto in order to increase our appetite. On our way to we popped to a little deli shop which sold all these beautiful little jars of goodness inside them. I bought honey and champagne marmalade.  Can’t wait to have my first morning toasts!  Later that evening, we also checked the new Kluuvi shopping centre and what did I found from downstairs? Very overly priced yet irresistible Eat and Joy organic supermarket. It would have been a crime against the humanity not buying some home grown beetroots for my Friday Dinner. Oh btw, Friday Dinner is something I inherited from Ken. For the past two months or so, every single Friday I invite a friend or friends for Friday Dinner. It is all about the weekend indulgen Karhun elämää viikonloppu <3

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, my day off during the week. I’m loving it and very happy for having a possibility to have one. Seriously, for me, having a day off during the week is something to be glad about. I have always found it a little bit difficult to go through five working days in a row. I mean, I’m loving the 9 to 5 bit (rather sad, I know), but there has always been something that makes me long for a day off during the week, and now when I can actually have one, ohhh I tell you, I am enjoying the situation to the max. So yes, what do I normally do then? In the morning, I usually head to my fitness club and do a proper good, long workout session. Then it is all about a post-workout relaxation in the sauna and steam room, taking your time in the dressing room, drying your hair slowly, putting make up on in no rush and preparing yourself for the day.  By the time I finally manage to leave the place, it is usually almost lunch time. Then, the rest of the day is often dedicated sorting out chores, cleaning up the house, doing food shopping, maybe visiting either of the parents etc. you know, normal stuff. This Thursday, mum and I had a quick browse in shops and then we had our usual had mum-daughter dinner/coffee thingy at Fazer café.  This time Mum had a shrimp wok and I had grilled salmon. Also, went to see my ex work colleagues. They are all so lovely <3 The nice thing is to see most of them still working there and just popping there for a quick hi  :)

Jerry Riley

Finished work earlier on Friday. Went to get all the Friday Dinner ingredients and then came back home. Cleaned the house, prepared the food as the plan was to eat later than normally –very Mediterranean. After the dinner we got the greatest idea (ever). As I had mentioned that I would be serving specialty chocolate for postres, we rushed to get an espresso maker/pot (you know the ones you put on a hob) or as a celebrity chef Stefano would say “mocha making machine” and some espresso coffee beans ten minutes before the shop was closing its doors. In fact, now when I think about it, the food settled in quite well whilst we were walking to the store and back. This meant naturally more room for chocolate, strong espresso and red.
Saturday was the best. I basically spend the day in bed :D Seriously, how amazing is that!? I was meant to meet a friend in the evening. Well, never got around to do that at the end, but it was ok. The only thing I managed to do was to rent a film, get a takeaway and bag of sweets on the way back home from the film rental. Lush.

Today, the plan is to get rid of some of the furniture I have in the living room. So yes, that means more space! Whoop! I’d also like to go to a dance class later, but that depends entirely on what time dad comes to help me with getting rid of the furniture.

Right my beautiful people, I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday, speak to you soon again

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