sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2011

Alors, en Provence

I'm back! Oh my God Nice was amazing :) I'm so going to retire in the French Riviera. It has already been decided. Before you start reading this post, click the video and listen.

This time we stayed in Cagnes sur Mer and made day trips to the Provence and the Riviera. The weather was sunny all week along and all of us got a bit of sun tan on us, even though I was using a sun lotion with a protection factor 50 :) Yeah, but I burn so easily and now when the UV rays are still very strong, I do not see the point of damaging my skin more than what I have already done in the past. So I will take it easy at first and use that silly SPF 50 and once I get a bit of colour on me, I can start using lower SPF lotions.

The first day was dedicated to Nice. We started off with a walk along the seafront of the Promenade des Anglais with joggers, cyclists and roller skaters speeding past us. We went to a big outside market in the Old Town Place-du-Palais and later had lunch near Palais-de-Justice.

The next day we headed to Cannes. Loved it! Actually, personally I prefer Cannes over Monaco. So I was fully enjoying myself on that day. For me the Cannes trip was the one I was looking forward the most. Last time in the Riviera we didn't have enough time to go there so I was super excited when we were on our way -and I wasn't disappointed the tiniest bit! Me <3 Cannes!

After Cannes, we decided to have a sunbathing afternoon at the house. We were in our bikinis from breakfast to later afternoon outside sunbathing, reading, listening to music (singing badly along) and just loving every second of it. In the evening we decided to walk to the Haute-de-Cagnes the medival part of the city and visit the castle.

The following day was a trip to Saint Paul de Vence. And yeah what can I say? Absolutely charming little village which has been an inspiration as well as home for some of the biggest impressionist painters such as Picasso, Matisse and Monet. It was beautiful with its little allies, boutiques and cafés. We were also really lucky not to have too many tourists visiting the place at the same time, so it was truly delightful. The sun kept on shining all day along.

The last full day of our stay was an icing of the cake. We went for a shopping trip to Nice and in the evening we climbed up to the Haute-de-Cagnes and had a farewell dinner in Le Grimaldi, the food was phenomenal. It was a family owned hotel-restaurant on the top of the hill and as we were the only customers that night we were able to chat with the owner and the cook after our 3,5h dining experience. It was so lovely. The children of the owners were eating with us and they had developed a taste for scallops, king prawns and exotic fruits and apparently refused to eat burgers and chips. These children do not know how good they have it! The food really was delicious. You could really see that the cook was practising what she preached when she said that she cares about her customers and she wants us to experience what really fresh and nutritious food tastes like.

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