keskiviikko 23. helmikuuta 2011

Good morning, it is 6.40am and I'm awake. I'm really sorry, but I have a Chinese exam today, so I'm going to write down a few characters down in brackets . Just to let you know.

I came back to Leeds on Sunday afternoon (星期日下午) and had my lovely delegation (代表团) waiting for me. Thank you <3 Matt, Ken and Rob came to pick me up from the train station (车站). Ken carried my big  bag, Matt carried my laptop bag and Rob was pushing people out of our way (read was lucky enough not having anything left to carry). We went for our Sunday dim sum what we quite often used to do in our first year, but this time I was also able to understand the dim sum menus' 鸡,鱼,肉,猪肉, 菜 characters :)

After dim sum we went back to Matt and Ken's and had coffee (喝杯咖啡), chatted, Ken had a nap, I was doing bad year 4 Chinese pronunciation which Matt and Rob found hilarious, and then we watched a film (电影) Inception. I really liked it!

Around 10pm Rob and I ordered a taxi (出租汽车), went home (回家). I was so tired that I even didn't unpack my luggage and instead went straight to bed (上床睡觉).

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