perjantai 18. helmikuuta 2011


After a week's worth of -20'C coldness, the temperature had fallen down to -24'C this morning and yeah, do I need to say more? It is bloody cold in Finland. Obviously, I love winter and snow as I am a much more of a winter season person than a spring person for instance, but even for me when it is -24'C outside and then you add wind plus other evil things that make the outside air feel even colder on the top of that, I can say that enough is enough. Hence, the happiness of a proper warm gilet. 
Tommy Hilfiger gilet with fur hood

You can't believe how satisfied I'm with this purchase! I have been trying to find a good gilet for more than a year now. I wanted it to be a good quality item so it would last me a long time, smart and casual at the same time, classical enough so it would look good season after season, and preferably dark so it would be easier to keep clean. And it had to have a fur hood. These were the requirements, and voilá, I found it. 

I wore it yesterday underneath my woolen Gap jacket and I was so warm. My feet were cold as I was only wearing a pair of jeans, but apart from that I was more than fine. When I put the hood up, I was purring like a cat. 

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