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Pizza East, Shoreditch

I'm not a big fan of pizza. Never been really. Heh, in fact, I have two particular types of pizza I really like, one from supermarket frozen section that you can only buy from Finland and one made by my friend Kati. So you can really say I'm not generally that fussed about pizzas. I will eat it occasionally, maybe twice a year, but will hardly ever order it in a restaurant, if there is something else on the menu to choose from.

Waiting our food to arrive at Pizza East Shoreditch

So there I am, quite happily mind my own business, not bothered if I could ever eat a single slice of pizza in my life again. This is the setting. Then I hear all these praises about this pizza place in Shoreditch called Pizza East.


Saturday comes in and I decided, Pizza East you will feed me tonight. Don't fancy pizza, but hey ho, let's give it a go anyway. I book a table online, which proved to be a good thing to do -surprise, surprise.

We got to the restaurant in time. Table was there nicely set for us. Service was friendly and helpful. Restaurant had a lovely cosy, slightly dim lightning and a great overall feeling to it. By this point,  I was already sold. Food arrived super quickly and it was just gobsmacking tasty! The antipasti board was exceptionally good and there was a lot to go through on there. We actually didn't finish everything in purpose, because we wanted to save some room for the mains too. To be completely honest, I would have been completely happy just hitting the bar and concentrating on the tapas meats and cheese bites, which I probably will do very soon.  Mains, the two pizzas, were also yummy! Salami chili pizza was perfectly spicy and my veal meatball  pizza had lemon olive oil drizzled on it, which made it taste absolutely fantastic.

What did we eat?
*A board of 3 
(wild board speck, burrata and parmigiano reggiano)
*focciata bread
*carafe of red
*veal meatball pizza
*salami chili pizza

Cheese and meat board at Pizza East Shoreditch London
I have been pretty much pizza-converted.

Food *****
Atmosphere *****
Service *****
Final bill £70

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