keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

Morning morning rise and shine.

I have a new fabulous morning routine. I'm trying to enjoy it as long as I possibly can. It basically goes like this during the week. Wake up at 6am. Straight out of the bed,no snooze aloud. Shower, make up, choose clothes for work (check weather forecast before hand), phaff around. Then around 7am, breakfast and coffee. After breakfast, get everything together and leave the house around 7.20am. Take the tube and ride until 2/3 of your total work journey. I hop off a few stops before so that I am approximately 45-30mins walking distance away from my work. Then, I enjoy the loveliest morning walk in a peaceful South Kensington. Finally, I arrive to work in time, however, with refreshed mind and full of positive morning energy.


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