maanantai 6. elokuuta 2012

I love my new black suede shoes that are decorated with golden spikes. They are little controversial when you wear them with a skirt, but I like that they make you look and feel super cool as soon as you slip these bad boys on. The spikes are not too much in your face, but you can definitely see that they are not just golden spots attached to the top material. They stand out just enough to give your OOTD an unexpected edge.

As people are always interested to see what others are wearing (either in the hope of getting ideas what to and what not to wear themselves), I have intentionally been following people's expressions since this morning. I do have to admit that it has been funny to watch how some have taken double takes because they are not 100 per cent sure why my shoes look slighly different than your average pair of black slip ons with golden studs on, others have completemented on them whilst others have clearly not agreed with my the day's shoe choice at all. It is interesting to see people's reactions.

I have also nick named this pair as 'the tourist killers'. I said to Matt this morning that if anyone purpously gets too close, on a way or does not give enough room I just walk really close to them with my spiked shoes until they realise to move :) Hahha, an amazing game plan we thought.

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