sunnuntai 15. heinäkuuta 2012

Yesterday turned out to quite an eventful day. I think the theme word was extempore. Many things happened on the spur of a moment without or only some forethought. For instance, after having written that little happy note I put my gym stuff together and headed to my nearest fitness centre for a double class. First one was a bikram yoga class and the second class was advanced pilates. Liked both of the classes a lot since they were very demanding. Bikram was very fast phased and we switched from one position to another without pauses letting our in and outward breaths dictate the speed of movements. Pilates, on the other hand, was a mixture of fun and hard work. The instructor was an older Italian lady how pushed us hard and corrected everyone's position in every single moment. This clearly took time which meant that we did not end up doing more than ten to thirteen different exercises but because she took her time correcting everyone's position we had to do more repetitions than usually. I liked it though. There is a real potential for these classes becoming my early Saturday afternoon signatures.

After coming home and having had lunch, we decided to go for a bit of browse and coffee. It was nice since Ken had just came back from Taiwan so we had Starbucks and watched people playing table tennis at the shopping centre square. Hah, there were a few Chinese ladies who were impressively good at it and Ken, bless him, really wanted to go practice his table tennis skills too. However, Reiss and summer sales got the best of him so he settled  with only sitting in Starbucks' sofas sipping his coffee and watching the others. 

By the time coffees were drank I wanted to quickly pop into a phone shop to ask if my they have international phone call deals I could bundle up with my current contract. I have been receiving ridiculous phone bills lately which is why something had to be done and quickly, since in my mind, putting £70 on calls is just a stupid waste of money. Thus, I go into the shop and the assistant and I start talking and he shows me different options I could consider. Then one thing leads to another, I mention that my BB has been crashing a lot lately and has not been working as it should, we start looking at phones, we talk about a little bit of upgrades and then half an hour later, I leave the shop with a really good international  phone calls deal added to my contract and new Sony Xperia in a carrier bag! :D

Towards the evening I started to feel a little tired and uncomfortable.  I was cold and felt really heavy, so yes, by the time we started watching the sex and the city film around 8ish in the evening, I had started to feel really feverish. So for the rest of the evening, I staid under the covers on the sofa, munching paracetamol and occasionally falling asleep and then waking up and laughing at Samantha's comments. And now, I am full-on ill. 

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