sunnuntai 20. toukokuuta 2012

Oh my word Sunday AGAIN! What an earth? Time just seems to fly so quickly, it is June soon and the last time I checked it was January. Hmm.. Have I missed something here? :) I suppose these past five months have just been exceptionally hectic which is why I have this genuine feeling of what, how come it can be Sunday again? Well that's that.

I am pretty pleased with this week in general. Lots have been done and I suppose my new exercise routine has now given me that energy kick, I was so gagging for. I did my first ever lunch hour body pump on Tuesday -this means that as oppose to staying at the office eating lunch, I used my lunch hour at the gym burning my lunch off. It was different in a good way. I suppose, I would not do lunch hour gymming five times a week, but every once and a while when you can't fit your exercise slot to any other time in your day, lunch time exercise is a fun option. I mean I would definitely go myself. Yesterday I (accidently) went on a boot camp class in one of the gyms nearby us and yeah I did feel it. It was h-a-r-d, but I the feeling afterwards was amazing. Today, I have body conditioning and yoga afterwards so I am very much looking forward to fist the conditioning and then that lovely stretching and mind harmonising session.

Yes, I am full of positiveness and everything feels good again. I can tell you now that I went through a phase where I didn't do any group exercise for four months and pretty much lost my motivation to going to our own gym too. A bad mental and physical cycle, since exercise has never only been a way to keep fit, it always been a method of realising pressure, alleviate stress and get good sleep.

At first I was quite excited about the whole building up the muscle strength through lifting slightly heavier weights that I had been used to lift in the past fitness project. The results started to show quite quickly and I thought this works. Then when the first two months were done I started to get quite annoyed because the fat was still tightly hanging on the top of the muscles so you couldn't see what was underneath properly. I definitely felt that the muscles were there and that was great, but the point was not just build the muscle and then keep it hidden :) And the reason why this was, was purely due to the flat that I wasn't doing enough cardio which would have helped me to get rid of the fat layer. This then meant that I became heavier and looked bigger than when I had started. I did recognise then that this is because muscle weights more than fat and I was warned not to jump on a scale because it could be slightly upsetting. I did avoid scales for that good two months, but then I made the mistake and hopped on one and jesus it was a chocking. I can tell you that once that number on a scale shows you a figure you haven't seen before and all your clothes have started to fell uncomfortable and tight on you, you start to feel pretty annoyed. So, third month goes by and this is the time I am so busy work wise that I cannot find the time to do any exercise -no weights no cardio. I  felt like I also ate badly, I was constantly tired, I felt awful and probably looked awful too. I felt that I was not being able to do anything about my appearance and I was getting more and more unhappy. Then I started to resent going to the gym since I knew that cardio was the only thing I could do to help myself out. Yet, I hated the idea of running on a treadmill of cross training for an hour four or five times a day when all you could look at was a light grey wall in front of you. The whole idea made me make excuses and I made myself to occupied in other areas of life meaning that I simply wasn't able to find the time. Also, the lack of walking outside and being outside started to get me. I had been used to running outside in parks and doing things out doors since I had been a child and now, I felt like being trapped inside -weather it was home, commuting to work, or being at work. I was not a happy bunny inside. Then to make the things worst, the notorious month long rain and greyness started. Grrreat :D

Phew, it was awful. The beginning of this month, however, I thought ok enough is enough. I am the only person who can do something about this so I knew that now was the time to do it. I also recognised that there was a simple solution to my problem - I was not a gym goer, I was a group exerciser. Hence, I contacted 5 gyms, 2 nearby work, 2 in between work and home, and 1 nearby home. I negotiated trial passes with all of them and told them very openly that I am trying out these five gyms to see what sort of classes you provide and if they would suit for me. I am happy to pay little bit more if I can get a better access to facilities and have an option to make choices according to what I feel like in that particular moment. Ideally a place where they have 60+ classes a week (les milles classes, yoga, bodybalance, dance, spinning), good gym (yes I do enjoy going if I feel like it) and a pool. This would be a perfect place for me.

So now everything seems to get sorted again. I feel better, fitter and happier again. Yay! And speaking of which, I need to get going now -classes are due to start soon!

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the day. Do find solutions to your problems, as sometimes it is only a little thing that you do differently and that then makes all the difference!

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