keskiviikko 11. huhtikuuta 2012


The weather has been lovely for the past week or so. Even thought you could say that I am a positive and smily person in general, it is no surprise that sun shine does still add that extra shot of good mood on anyone’s days. I love the feeling when you finish work and walk towards the tube station and the sun is still high and the weather is warm and full of springy smells. Everything looks much prettier too when the nature is full of colours in all shapes and forms. People smile and hence look happier and better. It is that exciting atmosphere that fills the air.  

The best little things in my days are often very simple. Today’s mood boosters were almost all work related. I had a good training day in the morning outside the office. In the afternoon I adopted a tiger (yes you read correctly, I adopted a wildlife Tiger through WWF) for £3. His name is Hans.  After lunch time I had a very good cup of Earl Grey with milk – the combination tasted beautiful! A note to myself, I have to purchase a pack of Earl Grey next time I go food shopping.  I had received an email from my ex work colleague which made me happy as he wished me good luck with my new job and was just asking how I have been settled in. I thought that was lovely of him. Then three minutes before finishing work I had a quick chat with my lovely saviours  Miia and Niklas from work –it was way too brief,  I need to suggest them going for a drink soon, not this weekend as my dad is coming to town tomorrow  but maybe the week after that. Then on my way to home from the tube station I bumped into Matt.  Matt’s hair looked different –shorter, groomed and very good. Or maybe he was wearing a new pair of shades? I don’t know what it was, but there was something about him that was different. Another note to myself, pay Matt a compliment once he gets back home. Then came just home and had a simple M&S coconut chicken noodle salad for dinner. Ready-made-food that’s BAD I know, but this one was alright. Liked the mangos in it.  Third note to myself, maybe I could also buy mangos on my next food shop. 

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