tiistai 27. joulukuuta 2011

After Christmas Sales

As I have been spending like there would be no tomorrow this month anyway, I though to leave the after Christmas Sales alone this year. Well, obviously not completely, but I certainly didn't go crazy.

Estee Lauder- Wild Storm nail polish

The Ril's shirt is for work. The material being silk is not very practical at all as it is a hand wash shirt only. So I need to be extra careful not smutching it with make up, food, dirt, toothpaste, liquids etc. I have another silk shirt which I managed to destroy by ironing on the top of a crease spot. Don't worry, I did use a cloth whilst ironing, but still the freaking crease mark just decided to make its accidental appearance in front of the shirt permanent by staying there. Great. So with my new 'Chelsea' one, I just need to be more careful in case of occasional crease visitors'.

The Guerlain Moisturising Lip Gloss was something I had planned to purchase anyway. I saw a set of 6 Lancome lip gloss mini tubes. Mum kindly guided me through to her favourite cosmetic shelf and enlightened me with the 'Terracotta' range. I took the brightest red I could find, as strong reds suits my hair, skin and lip tone better than cooler hues of blue. The thing with me and lip glosses is a complicated one. I like them, but I don't use them that much. As a makeup artist told me a month ago: "You should put more slap on girl!" Ehrm, no thank you, I'm quite happy with the amount I'm currently using. I mean yes, when you go out, it is nice to put more makeup on and make yourself look super sexy or pretty what ever the aim happens to be. However, I do have to say that personally, I tend to think that less is more. Good base, nice eye brows, good lashes (no extensions or fake lashes people!) and maybe some bronzer or blush to right places. This is what I consider less is more and for me it works, because I make it work.

In fact, a funny story, I had a one hour makeup tutorial with a makeup artist a while ago. I went there to learn how to do a good makeup for work and other professional events. The makeup artist was extremely nice and a fantastic teacher. She had everything sorted and it was pretty easy to learn from her. I liked the way she had done her own eyes and I asked her to teach me to use different eyeliner techniques that would compliment the shapes of my eyes the best. Well... Hmm... Here's the thing, maybe it is my own fault as I have a certain way of drawing eyelines myslef as well as to put makeup on. For having a session with a professional was partly done so that I could break away from my familiar makeup routines whilst getting new ideas ja ways of doing things. And as far as this went, it was very successful. I did learn a few pretty good tricks and I have used them afterwards too. However, the final product or result if you like, wasn't as professional looking as I had hoped it would have been. I think I looked more like ready for a night out than ready to attend a meeting. Also, feedback from friends was not that great either. They thought too that I didn't look like myself and that the colours were too dark for me. And I agreed- unfortunately. That night when I washed my new 'professional' mask off and I looked myself in the mirror I felt prettier without that still a minute ago with a full mask on. And I can tell you, girls seldom think they look pretty without makeup on. This is why I'd like all of you to embrace you beautiful makeup free moments.

With the Estee Lauder nail polish, I bought it as it looked amazing! The pot mesmerised me straight away. Loooooove the design. So thumps up for EL!

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