tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2011

Kaisu, Sanni and I went for an extempore dinner to a Finnish restaurant called Savotta earlier today. Kaisu ate a samon dish, Sanni had a cabbage roll dis and I had Finnish kalakeitto. Hmm, the food was reved with home-made rye bread and limppu and with home-made butter. It was delicious. We also had a little introduction on the history of the restaurant and how everything inside the restaurant was actually collected from different parts of Finland. For instance, the floor wood was transported from the Northern of Finland and most of the china they used was old Arabia. The overall experience 3/5.

After that we had a quick desserts at Fazer Cafe. Sanni went for a mountain of ice cream, Kaisu had mascarpone-muffin with strawberries and I made a terrible mistake and had a chocolate apricot mousse, suklaa-aprikoosileivos, even though I don't even like mousse and yeah it was just too sweet. Hrrr..it was in fact sickling, so mental note: never EVER again!

But yeah, it was really nice to see the girls :)

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