lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2012

I need a new pair of boots. Preferably black ones as my old black pair has started to look really tired.
Bless them, they have been repaired, reheeled and zipper fixed so many times and after six years they are still wearable -but I don't know for how long. And I don't want the old ladies to give up on me at a wrong moment.

I took my other pair of black riding boots to a shoe repair shop a few weeks back because the zip was broken in the other one. Unfortunately, the cobbler told me repairing was not worth it this time as the sole of the shoes were in a bad condition too. He said that it is a shame as the leather of the boots was in a superb condition and on the outside he would have never guessed that the shoes needed repairing. So one new zipper, new sole (in the outside bottom of the shoe) and  new heels would have ended up costing me at least as much as a new pair boots. Annoying. So I just asked him to bin the pair.

A pair of black leather boots

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