keskiviikko 17. lokakuuta 2012

Autumn accessories

I visited Windsor last Sunday and thought to show you what I brought back from the Royal spot. I saw these gloves with leather straps and this pretty cognac envelope leather bag whilst strolling around the city centre. Gloves I needed, but the bag was a spur of a moment purchase. What I still need is a big beige chunky scarf and a new mid-season coat - well, the coat is more of a nice to have than a must have. I saw a woman wearing a perfect one on a tube the other morning and would have asked her where she got hers from, but she got off the next stop. I would guess Zara. However, as I said, the coat is not a must have by any means, but, if I manage to find them two, I think I'm pretty much sorted for this Autumn. Also, I got myself L'occitane's new hand cream, Limited edition Date Bouquet, as it matched so well with the others :) Hah, thankfully, the hand cream did smell lovely and  made your hand feel beautifully soft too as otherwise my last purchase would not have been so successful. Heh,I do think that sometimes buying infused hand creams and body lotions can be a bit of a hit and miss -especially when you don't have the opportunity to smell or try them out first :)

Cloves, Osprey London brown leather clutch and L'ccitane hand cream

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