perjantai 26. elokuuta 2011

Morning! It is Friday Friday Friday again!

A friend is holding a party tonight so I made something to bring with me; a quiche lorraine. The quiche looked really nice, I don't know about the taste yet, but I'm sure we shall see (or taste) about that in the evening :) Yeah food poisoning everyone, that's the way forward -and probably the last time I get an invitation to any get-together. Oh well, such us life.

What else? Yesterday evening our lovely, helpful downstairs janitor brought light into my kitchen -literally. I was trying to fix up a ceiling lamp myself  (with the help of an instruction leaflet). Everything went really well until I got on the page 14 "connecting electrical ground wires" I was staring at the black and white guidebook in front of me and I had six rainbow-coloured wires hanging from the ceiling. Great. So I phoned the janitor and asked if he knew how to do electrical installation work and if he'd have time to come up and take a look.   Two hours later, he rang the doorbell and everything was done in 10minutes. So yes, now I can actually see what I'm doing in the kitchen after it gets dark outside and that's probably why I was in a mood for cooking all of a sudden and made that quiche :) The janitor also promised to come back on Monday and hang a heavy wooden shelf on the kitchen wall. He is a star. 

Now, off for a run!

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